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Another fresh week is here, and this week we have a juicy cmnm video for you to see. You know that we mostly bring you some incredibly detailed image galleries with these guys, but on occasion you get to see the hot and sexy hunks on video as well. And this week we have your back covered with one. Also, as you all know by now, the site has grown quite a bit and we hope that it became your number one go to place when you wanted to check out some hot and horny studs playing nasty with each other. Anyway, let’s get back to today’s video and let’s see some new guy getting to undress for his teacehrs and show off nude for them.

When the cmnm cameras roll, the scene starts off and you can see the teachers flanking the guy from every side. They want to see him play for them and he's about to please them by fulfilling that request and showing off his dreamy naked body for them and you guys behind the screens. It's just a delicious little update that you just have to check out today so let's get to see some more naughty scenes with strip tease and then you can see him getting his cock teased by the aforementioned teachers too. It's an amazing looking show to say the least and of course, there will be even more in the following weeks. Well have fun and do check out the past galleries too for more simply incredibly hot updates!

Examination Room

Hey there again guys and gals and welcome back to some more exquisite and juicy cmnm porn today just like always. There’s some pretty incredible images in this week’s gallery here that you just have to check out and just like always, there’s more clothed guys with nude guys too. And while there are four guys total in this scene only one gets to undress and show off his body for everyone else. But at the same time he just gets to lay back and enjoy the others playing with his body and pleasing his big bard cock in this scene. Well we bet that you are all ready and eager to get to see the whole thing go down, so let’s just get the show on the road!

It seems to take place in an office. And we’re not sure what bet this guy lost, but he gets to let his trio of buddies play with his body. That’s okay though as they know how to use their hands quite expertly and he could use some sexual release this afternoon. So as he undresses you can already tell that the other three were pretty happy to get to play with him. He takes his spot on the desk and bends over for them presenting them with his sexy round ass first and foremost. Then he gets his cock stroked and ass fingered by the guys and that doesn’t stop until he cums and jizzes all over the desk. Take your time and see you next week with more cmnm!


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CMNM Videos

It’s that time of the week again and that means that there’s some more new cmnm videos for you to see. You will remember the two hot studs here as being part of a little naughty initiation session some time ago. Well, they are back once more with part two as there was some stuff left to see from them playing last time. It is pretty much a continuation of where the other part left off. And that means there’s no stripping in this one as the guys are all ready and all nude. And all they need to do now is play with one another and let the other two older guys play with them. So let’s watch some more kinky cock stroking getting done today!


By this time one of the guys was busty with a camera to record the whole thing, and the other two started to touch their bodies all over. Sure enough they tell the guys to start stroking each other’s big dicks too and you can check them out doing reluctantly so as they never done this kind of thing for any audience. They might be fine to do it in private more easily but that’s not a choice today. Anyway, as they were stroking one another’s hard shafts, the mature guys were playing with them, grabbing their asses and playing with their balls. And all that just made the feel even more pleasure as they came with a force. So have fun with it as usual!

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Mean Mr. Bullock

You came back around just in time guys as you can see a brand new cmnm gay porn update here this week right now. Of course, there’s more clothed males and other males that get naked. It’s in the title isn’t it? Anyway, this week we have another group of three in action. It seems that they are all uni students and they found themselves some off time during lunch break to go to one of the bathrooms and have some kinky fun there in private with one another and there’s no chance that you should miss this if you want to see some naughty stuff. You will get to see one of them getting his nice and big hard cock stroked until he blows his load on himself!

So as they enter, the guy gets to pretty much lose all his clothes in seconds. He gets to take a seat on the counter on the sink as the other two hold him down. You can see his body teased and while that’s going down he is getting harder and harder too. Once they start to jack him off he starts to moan in pleasure too. Well you can bet that he ended up enjoying it as the two guys are masters at making cocks shoot man juice fast. So in that little break of a few minutes they managed to make him blow as well. So take your time to enjoy this cmnm threesome nasty scene and we’ll be around with more next week for you to check out. So see you all soon!


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Clothed Men Naked Men

Another fresh week and time to check out a brand new and juicy cmnm show here this afternoon. You know exactly what you can find around this place and there’s plenty of it to see today. There’s some more all new and all hot gay guys having some gay style fun for you and there’s no way you can skip over their lovely scene. So let’s just get to see the pair here today getting down and dirty with one another and you will be in for one sizzling hot image gallery. As you can see, the two are in the locekrs again too and they are about to have a good ol’ fuck right there as well. So let’s get this amazing clothed men naked men scene going and see where it goes!


As the cmnm scene starts the guy just came out of the shower and he seems to be last. Well the clothed black stud that just came in wanted to have a word with him  and you can bet it’s related to his sexy naked body. As the two talk more and more it’s clear to the naked dude that his friend here finds him hot and he would very much enjoy a nice anal action session. The good thing is that the guy is more than happy to oblige. So after him getting naked you can see him do much more today. Do enjoy the view of the gallery and have fun with it. Maybe these two will be back in future scenes. Anyway, we’ll see you again next week with more!

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You remembered a gay cmnm scene a few weeks ago that showed off some superb studs getting to go in for a checkup and ending up doing some sexy and nasty things? well here’s part two of that same scene and you can see in even more detail what the two naked studs ended up doing with the three guys that were doing their regular checkup. And yes, you can bet that it was nasty and kinky too. Well there’s also some nice spanking and stuff getting done to punish the guys’ nice and round butts too. But the best part comes around when they get to fuck in front of the three and their little camera. Well you get to see what happened!

Last time you saw them they just got their bodies teased and toyed with and there was some nice cock stroking too for one of them as the other got his ass hole fingered too. Now that carries on as the guy is rock hard and ready to fuck some ass and his buddy gets to suck and slurp on his cock first and foremost. Then he gets to bend over again and take it in the ass too. It was all caught on the guy’s camera and this one as well and you can bet that the two ended up loving having that little gay fuck for the afternoon. Well do enjoy it fully and we’ll see you guys again soon with another new cmnm collection of guys fucking hard!


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Gay Porn

Today’s gay porn cmnm scene brings you another gay porn encounter as some older men at the company get to play around with the new and fresh guys. And you can call this a hazing of sorts or initiation into their ranks. Each and every one of them got to do it first time they joined and now they get to carry on the tradition. And yes, the whole process involves getting touchy feely with the new guys in addition to getting to undress for you and the cameras. So let’s see some more nude hot studs as they get to play for the cameras and you and we can have fun with their juicy scene along side the older men in the company today!


As they just got done with the new recruit meeting earlier it was time for the real fun to begin and you can see that that means that these hot studs were all ready to start taking off their clothes. While one of them is quite hairy down there and flaccid, it seems that his buddy found this thing to be a bit more exciting and he started to get nice and hard as soon as he was naked. Well it’s totally fine as the other guys in suits decided to jack him off and make sure he gets that sexual tension unleashed before they were done with the two. Have fun seeing them getting stripped by their colleagues today and enjoy the show. There will be more cmnm here to see next week!

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CMNM Matteo

Hey there again everyone. We’re back once more with www cmnm scenes to show you this week and naturally, there’s some all new and all fresh guys getting their bodies toyed with by older guys and the show is as steamy and hot as always. These two hot and sexy muscled hunks got to have a checkup of the kind that you got to see her some more in the past and you know full well what that means. They got their bodies played with for the whole duration of the checkup and naturally, the three guys doing the checking got real busy with their hands, playing around with these two’s bodies for the whole thing. So watch them fuck and jack off these two for the better part of this superb little gallery!

Well, the show begins with the two guys that are about to get nude making their entry to the little office. So pretty much right away they are told to strip. And while they do you can see why the other three were so interested by them later as they looked simply amazing. They even get to wear some nice red leather collars too. And to boot, one of the suited guys also has a camera to document this whole thing for…you know, later use. Anyway, as he bends one guy over to see his cute ass better, his other two buddies get to manhandle the other guy and they finger his ass while they start to stroke his cock. Take your time to enjoy it and see you next week once again with some new content!


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Free Gay Porn

He there guys and welcome to some more new cmnm free gay porn this week as usual. Well you know what we’re all about and this week you can see two older studs getting to play with a stud for the afternoon. The setting is that he managed to scrape his knee at the graduation ceremony and his medic along with one of his university teacehrs is there in the locker room with him to check up on his wound. Well it’s just a bad looking scratch more or less, but the guys do want to calm him down more as you can see. So what the trio ended up doing this afternoon was having some nasty gay fun with one another in the lockers for the rest of this scene here!


The wound got treated on the spot of course. Just some quick antiseptic and a light bandage and he was good as new. But as he had to remove some of his clothes, the two studs were kind of interested in playing kinky with him for the scene. So you can see the guy with the cap start to play around with his dick as he touches his thighs and plays with his balls too. Meanwhile the other stud is giving his pecs and shoulders a nice massage to make him unwind and we bet that he succeeded in doing that today. So enjoy the hand job that the guy gets today and do enjoy the view. there will be even more new cmnm scenes for you to check out next week as well!

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CMNM Videos Free

Well hello again and welcome as per usual to more all new cmnm videos free of charge here at our site. As you know it is the best place to come and visit if you want to see some hot hunks getting down and dirty with each other without delay. Well today’s lovely gay fuck fest has another group of guys that was all ready to get wild and nasty with each other and there’s plenty to see in their gallery for the afternoon for sure. Let’s get right into the meat of it as it were and check them out in some sensual and sexy gay sex scenes this afternoon shall we? we promise there’s plenty of stuff to check out in this new and fresh gallery here today!

When it starts off, you can see the three guys in suits lining up to do a little checkup on this new guy. The thing is that this isn’t your average checkup either because as you’ll see they have briought along some nice and big toys of the sexual kind as well. So you can see them having the guy strip for them and show off his superb body without delay too. Then as he bends over, the guy with the glasses starts to play with his dick stroking it, and another one gets to pull out a dildo and start fucking his ass with it. Watch the guy getting jacked off and ass fucked at the same time and enjoy the scene with them. We’ll see you once more next week! Until then, enter the ladyboygold site and see some hot trannies getting their asses stretched!


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