Rubgy Player Allen

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Hey there guys, today we bring you some more goodness as we have some more intriguing and sexy scenes to show off. Namely it’s this sexy stud Allen that gets to have a team of studs checking him out for a surprise examination today. It’s to see if he’s going to be making the rugby team rooster or not. And as you know it involves him stripping off and showing off his naked body. Well as you will observe, things kind of took a interesting turn and this guy got to have his cock taken care of this nice afternoon too. So let’s see him at play.

Take your time to see the sexy and hot Allen as he gets to undress and show off his marvelous body to the cameras and you guys and then see the three examiners taking notes. Well as we said, things got interesting as the guys wanted to see just how big his cock can get. So after arousing him, the guys got to play with his cock as well. Take your time to see them stroking his cock nice and hard this afternoon and you will see them stopping only when the guy ends up shooting a nice and big load too. Have fun with it everyone!

See this hunk getting inspected by his coworkers!