Clothed Men And Don

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Welcome back guys! Are you ready for this exciting cmnm update? Well then sit back and relax, and watch how this cute guy gets his cock inspected and jerked off by those clothed guys, until he explodes and shoots a nice load of cum. His name is Do and he is one of the best university professor’s assistant. He is doing all the hard work while the professor takes all the credits. He started to feel bad about not getting enough credits for his work and decided to have a word with the professor abut this. When he enters in the office he finds the professor kissing with his other assistant and he gets shocked. The professor invites him to join them so they can talk about the incident, but poor Don is lost, he almost forgot why he came in in the first place.

While he sits down the professor asks him to forget everything he saw a minute before, or he will lose his assistant position and Don promises to do anything he wants saying that he will keep his mouth shot, n fact he never even saw anything. Well the professor likes what he hears, but he likes checking out Don’s body even more, and he starts taking off Don’s shirt and rubbing his chest. Don is kinda attracted to the other assistant so he lets them do whatever they wont to him, and the guys start undressing Don and running heir hands on his body. Then Don feels a warm hand touching his cock and he starts moaning slowly, while the guy jerks his cock and the professor plays with his balls. Don feels that he is getting close to cum and moans out loud while he shoots a huge load of cum all over he place.

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