Matthew And His Coworkers

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In these cmnm videos we usually combine business with amusement. We love wearing our wonderful suits and working quite hard, even so, if we want to chill we get a willing young businessman to strip. The hot macho scent that hails from his tight butthole drive us into a madness. Matthew is overcome as the three of us required his consideration, groping his bare body all over making him display his sexy body. He get his dick milked and his asshole fingered. This sure is a crash course to this athletic straight guy in being entirely subservient to the needs of three clothed men.

You’ve seen the sexy and horny Matthew before in one of our scenes, and today this sexy hunk makes his way back for a nice encore as he lets his bosses play with his cock and balls once more in this nice and hot scene. Sit back and watch once more as he gets his clothes taken off completely revealing one superb and sexy stud body underneath. Watch closely as the other guys take their turns to give him some nice hand jobs, and watch as Matthew moans in pleasure of the treatment. And of course he got to blow his load, otherwise this wouldn’t have had a satisfactory ending today. Enjoy it guys!

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