In Class Training

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In this update the training of college studs for their future positions in a firm has begun. They are taught how to be submissive little puppies to their bosses and not to talk back. So in short jut treat yourself to this crash course where studs are trained obedience and see how well they do. This guy for example, is asked to take off  all his clothes and bend over the desk. The his sexy ass is closely inspected, and of course that he won;t get away that easy. The other guys are watching to see what is going to happen to them soon. This guy here gets his asshole fingered and his cock milked. Until next time we’ll just leave this with you.

Well, it seems that the college studs were naughty once more. So the teach came back this afternoon with another update and his naughty students. This afternoon they get to undress again, and they get to be taught some more anatomy sort of speak, as the older man takes the time to jerk them off each and insert his expert fingers in their nice and tight asses. We hope you’ll like it!

Watch as this college guy gets forced to get totally nude!