Clothed Business Men And Allen

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Welcome back to watch this exciting scene featuring some really hot, well built and good looking guys. Just take a look at how sexy they look in their fancy suits. Allen has a business idea but he does not have the resources to start it on it’s own, so he contacted these three successful business men who might b interested in making an investment. They met up in a hotel  and Allen exposed them his ideas and the guys decided to give him a chance.  After closing the deal Allen was asked to stay and have a drink with them to celebrate, because the guys seemed really interested in finding out more about him. They started to ask him personal questions, if he is married or single, and Allen decided not to hide the fact that he is more attracted to guys. Now he got their full attention and they continued asking all sort of personal questions about his sex life and stuff.

It looks like these guys are going to have lots of fun with Allen who is ready to do anything because he really wants to stay in good relations with them. He is asked to show off his body and Allen does not hesitates to strip off his clothes and expose his hot muscular body. He takes off his briefs too, exposing his cock which starts growing big and hard when one of the guys places  his hands on it and starts jerking Allen’s meet. Soon all the guys are all over him, touching his chest and slapping his ass while jerking his hard cock and stroking his balls. Allen finally explodes and shoots stream after stream of hot cum. If you enjoy watching these clothed guys having fun with Allen, make sure to visit us again soon and check out the other scenes.

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