Gay CMNM – Naked Steve

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Are you ready to see a bunch of clothed guys undressing and teasing a horny naked stud? Well better check out this cmnm scene because you are going to have lots of fun. The naked guy there is Steve, who is the football team’s captain  and his is the best player. But in this season he performed really bad and because of him the team lost the game today. After the game, the couch and some members of the board decided to have a talk with him while Steve was in the locker room. They been trying to find out what’s been going on with him lately, and they told him that he might lose his place in the team if he keeps performing this badly. Steve had no other option then telling them the truth.

Turned out, that he is gay and his partner broke up with him. Ever since he can’t concentrate anymore. Hearing this, the guys decide to take Steve’s problem in their own hands and hear him up a bit because he next day they are going to have an important game. They start teasing Steve and undressing him slowly, exposing his well build body. Steve loves the attention he is getting and when he feels the guy’ hands on his cock he gets hard instantly. While he others are exploring his body, Steve is having a great time getting his cock wanked and they tell him to turn around so they can play with his ass. The guys start fingering Steve’s asshole while milking his cock and soon Steve explodes and hoots a huge load of cum. Have fun watching this kinky cmnm scene and make sure to visit us again!

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