Nick Stripped Off

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Hi there and welcome back to watch this exciting cmnm scene featuring Nick, a hot guy who just graduated from the university and after looking for a job for a long time he finally been called to an interview for the personal assistant position. The CEO of a big company needed a new assistant and Nick applied right away. The CEO was more interested in Nick’s picture and since he is cute and god looking, the guy invited him for an interview. Nick was so excited and he decided that he will do anything it takes to get his job. The boss however, decided to invite his most trusted people from the company so they can together evaluate Nick’s “skills”.

Nick put on his best suit and went to the meeting. When entering in the office they guys were already waiting for him and all of them been impressed by his looks and presence. They liked the fast that he is shy and bald in the same time, that he is willing to do whatever t takes to please his soon to be boss. But poor Nick had no idea that these guys are gay and they want a piece of his ass. When they started to undress him he was a bit shocked but as he felt the guys grabbing his cock he started to enjoy the feeling and he decided to the the guys to do whatever they want to him So they started touching and exploring hi body, and after jerking his cock they even gave him a blowjob making him shoot a nice big load of cum. Nick got the job and he know that from no on he is going to have lots of fun with these guys.

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