Naked Guy At Work

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Hello and welcome back to cmnm to watch his hot and horny guy getting teased and jerked off by his coworkers. How this all started you may wonder? This guy is gay but he decided not to tell his coworkers about his sexual orientations because he’s been afraid that the other might not understand him or worse, they wouldn’t want to work with him anymore. Even though, he couldn’t stop checking out his coworkers bodies at the working place, specially in the showers. He started taking pics of the guys in the shower and jerking off on the pics after wok when no one could see him. It turned out he used to spend extra hours at work spending all the time jerking off. When one of the guys caught him masturbating and found his photo stash he informed his buddies about this and they decided to teach this guy a lesson.

They approached him together and they made him strip off naked, because they wanted to see his naked body jut as he seen theirs in the showers.  He was afraid not to get fired so he did all these guys told him to do, and started taking off his clothes exposing his hot body and a huge erect cock. The guys then started spanking his ass and playing with his nipples making him horny as hell. One of the cmnm guys took his cock n his hands and started to stroke it slow and gently while the other was playing with the guy’s balls. He wanted to cum so badly but the guys wouldn’t let him, every time he was being close, the others would stop and slap his cock and his balls. They kept doing this on and o driving this guy crazy, but eventually he was allowed to cum and he shoot stream after stream of creamy hot cum all over the place.

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