Recommend Full Cavity Search

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This time the cmnm crew got to see how the officers of the law apprehended a criminal. And how they performed their search for hidden weapons. The officers strapped on their gloves and proceeded to probe his ass with tier fingers to check for any concealed armaments. Not that the guy could conceal much , but they seem to have enjoyed every minute of the cavity search. They took his shirt and pants off fast, and bent him over to get a close look of his ass. The officer had lots of fun sliding his fingers in the guy’s ass, and he even stroked his cock making the guy blow his load! Enjoy and let’s get stared.

As you can see, the officers had everything under control, and they were eager to get to have fun with their little captive for the afternoon. Sit back and watch closely as the guy gets his clothes taken off, and then see our officers taking turns to perform cavity searches in his ass as they finger fuck his nice and tight butt for the afternoon today. Have fun with it and see you soon!


See this arrogant British lad receiving a full cavity search!