Mathew Gets Wanked Off

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Welcome back to watch these cmnm guys having some fun with their horny naked coworker. He got promoted at work even though the others feel that he doesn’t deserves the promotion. They know however that the guy is gay and so is the boss, so they all greed that this might got something to do with it. The guys decided to teach this prick a lesson and after work they invited him to hand out with them and have beers and watch football together. They all headed to one of the guy’s apartment which was not far away. They were all wearing suits and they actually look quite hot don’t you agree? All these guys were wondering if their gay coworker ever had sexual fantasies with them. After few beers on board hey started to ask him all kind of question and since he had a big mouth he admitted that he’s been screwing their boss.

Hearing this, the guy told him that he shouldn’t have had to accept the promotion as it’s not fair towards the other employees but t he gay guy was convinced that he deserves it. They all started to massing with him and teasing him and the things got a bit too far, because they started undressing him and checking out his naked body. One of the guys then started to wank his cock as the other was slapping his ass and squeezing his balls. Have fun watching this cmnm scene and don’t forget to come back and check out new scenes! Also you can click here and see another hot guy getting stripped off!

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