Virility Test

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This week we present to you how the guys at the firm are tested for their virility. And that means getting naked in front of the CEO’s and letting them play around with your tool. This poor guy gets surrounded by the boss and his assistants and gets a close inspection. Each of the strokes his cock until it gets fully erect. And they’ll test everything, even his tight asshole which gets to be fingered. And be sure they even drained the guy of semen in the test to see how big his load is. Every detail is important for our examiners here! Make sure to come back soon and watch other guys going through the same inspection.

Well you got to see this kind of thing go down here before so you know exactly what’s going to happen. But this is still a nice video, so watch it all as the three guys take their time to play with this dude’s sexy body and his eager cock and balls. As most of the guys here, you get to see him getting a nice and hot jerk off session and then he blows his load at the end too!

Enjoy as this footballer gets completely drained of semen!