CMNM Darren Wanked Off

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Finally the day has come and he went to the office for he interview. The three members of the boar seemed to be cool guys who were happy to welcome Darren and sit down for a chat. However hey haven’t been interested in his work experience or his studies. They were more interested in his sex body and Darren got the hint pretty fast and realized that if he wants this job, he has to do whatever these guys want. As these guys in suits started undressing Darren, he started to have a hard on a and he actually liked getting his body and his cock inspected. Soon the guys started to lick and finger his ass, and then they started fucking his butthole nice and hard with a toy, just like the frat gays from ! Darren was close to cum and after he got his cock jerked he shoot a big load of cum. Well we hope you enjoyed this brand new cmnm episode, and see you soon!

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