Christian At The Doctor

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Welcome back guys because today is Christian’s examination day. That’s right, this guy is going to have a full body inspection. He jut graduated from university and decided to get medical exams because he decided to spend a whole year travelling around the word.  When he enters the room three doctors are waiting for him and he is asked to take off all his clothes. He strips naked and stands there in front of the clothed guys wondering what’s going to happen next. They start checking out his boy and after the common examination he thinks that he is good to go but the doctors want to check out his genital area as they think that something is not right with him. They ask him how often and fast he gets a hard on and Christian says that he has no problems down there.

But the doc thinks that his tool might not work properly so they ask him to wank his cock in order to get a hard on. He is having a hard time making his cock hard, but the doctors are there to help him out. One of them places his hand on Christian’ s cock and starts stroking it gently, while the other guy starts playing with his balls. Soon his cock starts growing hard and the doctor keeps jerking him but now Christian can’t seem to let himself go. The doctor knows exactly what to do, and asks him to get  his all fours on the exam table. The doc slides a finger in Christian’s ass while he keeps milking his cock with the other hand. This is a new feeling for Christian who starts moaning and explodes shooting his cum ll over the place. Have fun watching this scene and come back soon for more fun!

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