Abused In Prison

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This hairy manly man might have been top dog inside the prison, yet here he has to respect us. Seb stays stern in these videos holding his feelings while we monopolize his sexy body greedily abusing his arse and blowing his cock. He feebly protests towards our advances asking for a female. It makes him very uncomfortable being so turned on by a group of clothed men with no female around. He may deny that it is enjoyable all he wants however the massive amounts of semen he shoots to the prison officer’s craving mouth is proof positive.

Let’s just say that being top dog on the cell bloc still doesn’t mean that you are the alpha male. As you can see this stud, even though the other inmates submit to him, he in turn gets to be submissive when he gets called in the warden’s office. all of the other male staff come in and get to have fun with this muscled stud’s body and in the end he also seems to be enjoying himself. And today was such a day as he got called in and knew exactly what to expect for the nice and long afternoon today. So watch the other male studs having fun with his cock and naked body this afternoon. We’ll be back with more next week like usual!

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