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It’s that time of the week again and that means that there’s some more new cmnm videos for you to see. You will remember the two hot studs here as being part of a little naughty initiation session some time ago. Well, they are back once more with part two as there was some stuff left to see from them playing last time. It is pretty much a continuation of where the other part left off. And that means there’s no stripping in this one as the guys are all ready and all nude. And all they need to do now is play with one another and let the other two older guys play with them. So let’s watch some more kinky cock stroking getting done today!


By this time one of the guys was busty with a camera to record the whole thing, and the other two started to touch their bodies all over. Sure enough they tell the guys to start stroking each other’s big dicks too and you can check them out doing reluctantly so as they never done this kind of thing for any audience. They might be fine to do it in private more easily but that’s not a choice today. Anyway, as they were stroking one another’s hard shafts, the mature guys were playing with them, grabbing their asses and playing with their balls. And all that just made the feel even more pleasure as they came with a force. So have fun with it as usual!

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