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He there guys and welcome to some more new cmnm free gay porn this week as usual. Well you know what we’re all about and this week you can see two older studs getting to play with a stud for the afternoon. The setting is that he managed to scrape his knee at the graduation ceremony and his medic along with one of his university teacehrs is there in the locker room with him to check up on his wound. Well it’s just a bad looking scratch more or less, but the guys do want to calm him down more as you can see. So what the trio ended up doing this afternoon was having some nasty gay fun with one another in the lockers for the rest of this scene here!


The wound got treated on the spot of course. Just some quick antiseptic and a light bandage and he was good as new. But as he had to remove some of his clothes, the two studs were kind of interested in playing kinky with him for the scene. So you can see the guy with the cap start to play around with his dick as he touches his thighs and plays with his balls too. Meanwhile the other stud is giving his pecs and shoulders a nice massage to make him unwind and we bet that he succeeded in doing that today. So enjoy the hand job that the guy gets today and do enjoy the view. there will be even more new cmnm scenes for you to check out next week as well!

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