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Let’s Get Kinky

Welcome back to cmnm, where hot clothed guys are taking advantage of horny and cute naked guys. If you seen our previous scenes that you know that there’s nothing more exciting then watching a guy getting teased and drove over the edge by a guy fully dressed. If they happen to be in an office or at the work place where they can be caught it makes it even more exciting. And this clothed guy really knows how to have fun at work. He owns a small business and he just hired his cute guy as his assistant. H knew the the guy was gay and probably that’s why he hired him in the first place. This boss likes to have fun with his employees and this newly hired guy just wanted to be nice to his boss  and please him whatever it takes.

The assistant had no idea that things are going to get this far but he actually enjoyed having these “private meetings” with his boss. Today they are having of of the regular meeting and as the guy gets in the boss’s office he is ordered to strip out of his clothes and sit in his lap. The guy is doing what the boss told him and as the boss starts wanking he guy’s cock, he also slides his fingers in the guy’s ass. The guy loves having his ass finger fucked and he soon blows his load all over his boss’s shirt and pant. Have fun watching the scene guys and make sure to check out the other picture galleries and videos from cmnm, you are not going to regret it. Also make sure to visit us again if you want to watch new exciting scenes!

cmnm-Let's Get Kinky

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