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CMNM – Hot Swimmer Martin

Welcome back to watch a new exciting cmnm scene featuring hot Martin, a professional swimmer who has a nice good looking body and a really cute face. If you are not new here you already know what’s going to happen in this scene and if you are new around here then you should now that we are featuring naked guys getting their body inspected and their cock jerked by clothed guys who love playing and teasing with a horny naked guy. Martin is getting ready for the practice when his coach comes in the locker room with a guy who’s going to be Martin’s main sponsor. Martin was just taking off his shorts  before the guys came in and they caught him completely naked.


Before he even got the chance to put on his swimming suit he noticed that the coach and the other guy are keep staring at his cock. He felt a bit embraced and tried to cover his cock with his hands but hen the new sponsor told him that he has quite a nice dick and it’s a shame to hide it. Martin is gay and it looks like the sponsor is also gay. We are not sure about he coaches’ sexual orientation but he surely loves to watch Martin’s naked body and he did a lot more then that, because when Martin revealed his cock again, he couldn’t help himself and started touching Martin’s naked body. Martin was shocked at first, but then he turned around letting the guys touching and spanking his sexy ass. They even played with his cock and his balls and then the sponsor gave Martin a really nice handjob making him shoot his load all over the place. Well this was all for today, but better check out he other scenes and visit us again soon!

See these guys undressing this dude in the locker room!

Corey Gets Stripped

Welcome back to watch this exciting cmnm scene featuring Corey, a cute guy who just been hired as personal assistant of one of these guys. Corey just Graduated from the university and he’s been lucky to get hired by this successful businessman who also happened to be gay. Corey is bisexual but he is more into girls however,  he’s been dating to a guy lately but they broke up. Corey started feeling quite lonely lately and his boss asked him to go on a business trip with him. Corey was really excited about this trip and couldn’t wait for the day to come.

Finally they arrived to the destination and Corey’s boss had to go to a meeting and he took Corey with him. After the meeting the boss and his business partners headed to a club and have some drinks and of course, Corey joined them. He was so excited being in the company of these important guys in their elegant and expensive suits. He couldn’t stop notice that some of the guys were staring at him the whole time while they been in the club. The night was far from ending because these guys headed all back to the hotel and continued partying. The guys finally decided that Corey needs to get a proper welcome and an initiation, then he will be fully accepted in their circle. He had no idea what this means but he pretty much figured it out when the guys started undressing him and touching his hot naked body. Then he felt a warm hand on his cock and soon he was receiving a hand job. He was standing on the couch naked surrounded by all these clothed guys who were sucking his cock one after another, he sure loved what’s happening to him. Have fun watching this scene and see you soon!

Corey gets stripped

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Clothed Men and Don

Welcome back guys! Are you ready for this exciting cmnm update? Well then sit back and relax, and watch how this cute guy gets his cock inspected and jerked off by those clothed guys, until he explodes and shoots a nice load of cum. His name is Do and he is one of the best university professor’s assistant. He is doing all the hard work while the professor takes all the credits. He started to feel bad about not getting enough credits for his work and decided to have a word with the professor abut this. When he enters in the office he finds the professor kissing with his other assistant and he gets shocked. The professor invites him to join them so they can talk about the incident, ut poor Don is lost, he almost forgot why he came in in the first place.

While he sits down the professor asks him to forget everything he saw a minute before, or he will lose his assistant position and Don promises to do anything he wants saying that he will keep his mouth shot, n fact he never even saw anything. Well the professor likes what he hears, but he likes checking out Don’s body even more, and he starts taking off Don’s shirt and rubbing his chest. Don is kinda attracted to the other assistant so he lets them do whatever they wont to him, and the guys start undressing Don and running heir hands on his body. Then Don feels a warm hand touching his cock and he starts moaning slowly, while the guy jerks his cock and the professor plays with his balls. Don feels that he is getting close to cum and moans out loud while he shoots a huge load of cum all over he place.


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Clothed Business Men and Allen

Welcome back to watch tis exciting scene featuring some really hot, well built and good looking guys. Just take a look at how sexy they look in their fancy suits. Allen has a business idea but he does not have the resources to start it on it’s own, so he contacted these three successful business men who might b interested in making an investment. They met up in a hotel  and Allen exposed them his ideas and the guys decided to give him a chance.  After closing the deal Allen was asked to stay and have a drink with them to celebrate, because the guys seemed really interested in finding out more about him. They started to ask him personal questions, if he is married or single, and Allen decided not to hide the fact that he is more attracted to guys. Now he got their full attention and they continued asking al sort of personal questions about his sex life and stuff.

It looks like these guys are going to have lots of fun with Allen who is ready to do anything because he really wants to stay in good relations with them. He is asked to show off his body and Allen does not hesitates to strip off his clothes and expose his hot muscular body. He takes off his briefs too, exposing his cock which starts growing big and hard when one of the guys places  his hands on it and starts jerking Allen’s meet. Soon all the guys are all over him, touching his chest and slapping his ass while jerking his hard cock and stroking his balls. Allen finally explodes and shoots stream after stream of hot cum. If you enjoy watching these clothed guys having fun with Allen, make sure to visit us again soon and check out the other scenes.

clothed men and Allen

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Christian at the doctor

Welcome back guys because today is Christian’s examination day. That’s right, this guy is going to have a full body inspection. He jut graduated from university and decided to get medical exams because he decided to spend a whole year travelling around the word.  When he enters the room three doctors are waiting for him and he is asked to take off all his clothes. He strips naked and stands there in front of the clothed guys wondering what’s going to happen next. They start checking out his boy and after the common examination he thinks that he is good to go but the doctors want to check out his genital area as they think that something is not right with him. They ask him how often and fast he gets a hard on and Christian sais that he has no problems down there.

But the doc thinks that his tool might not work properly so they ask him to wank his cock in order to get a hard on. He is having a hard tme making his cock hard, but the doctors are there to help him out. One of them places his hand on Christian’ s cock and starts stroking it gently, while the other guy starts playing with his balls. Soon his cock starts growing hard and the doctor keeps jerking him but now Christian can’t seem to let himself go. The doctor knows exactly what to do, and asks him to get  his all fours on the exam table. The doc slides a finger in Christian’s ass while he keeps milking his cock with the other hand. This is a new feeling for Christian who starts moaning and explodes shooting his cum ll over the place. Have fun watching this scene and come back soon for more fun!

Christian at the doctor

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Steve’s CMNM Video

We have been spending a long time in gym locker rooms observing how many big studs virtually live there. These straight hunks love posing naked. It is all look, yet not touch with these lads. Steve is an excellent example working out 6 days per week. Fresh from exercising, his body was covered in fresh sweat and emanating pheromones that drove us into a madness. We got total control of his muscular body and taught this straight muscular fuck how to get submisive with a group of businessmen. cum inside fraternity x and watch more teen fellas getting abused by a lot of perverted guys.

Steve is a star player for his team. And as you can see he has a manager that pretty much takes care of all of his business. Well his manager happens to be gay and Steve himself has had thoughts about trying it out. Today his manager just got him a nice contract and Steve here wants to give him a little extra for his hard work. And so as they talk about some business in the locker room, the sexy Steve decides to put the moves on the other guy. Sure enough it works, and as you can see, they ended up having a nice and hot gay fuck. See these sexy studs as they fuck one another in this scene and come back next week for some fresh scenes!

Check out muscular Steve at his first gay experience!

Matthew and his coworkers

In these cmnm videos we usually combine business with amusement. We love wearing our wonderful suits and working quite hard, even so, if we want to chill we get a willing young businessman to strip. The hot macho scent that hails from his tight butthole drive us into a madness. Matthew is overcome as the three of us required his consideration, groping his bare body all over making him display his sexy body. He get his dick milked and his asshole fingered. This sure is a crash course to this athletic straight guy in being entirely subservient to the needs of three clothed men.


You’ve seen the sexy and horny Matthew before in one of our scenes, and today this sexy hunk makes his way back for a nice encore as he lets his bosses play with his cock and balls once more in this nice and hot scene. Sit back and watch once more as he gets his clothes taken off completely revealing one superb and sexy stud body underneath. Watch closely as the other guys take their turns to give him some nice hand jobs, and watch as Matthew moans in pleasure of the treatment. And of course he got to blow his load, otherwise this wouldn’t have had a satisfactory ending today. Enjoy it guys!

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Christian’s routine control

Christian is a cool young bloke who also plays rugby. He is here at free videos for a routine control whining of some tension in his butt muscles, however has no idea he is about to be put through the most severe, invasive exam of his existence. Three dressed doctors examine his muscular body making the poor boy feel uncomfortable and extremely self-conscious concerning his totally exposed genitals. Christian is really disgusted by how private these doctor’s get smelling his ass and tasting his urine. Well let’s get this show on the road and see this stud getting his full body exam by these horny doctors.

They start off by stripping him of all of his clothes, and as you can see he seems very much okay with the whole idea. Then the sexy and horny docs just start roaming around him playing with his hot body and touching his cock and balls passionately to make him feel good. Rest easy knowing that it worked like a charm and the stud was like putty in their arms for the whole exam session. You can watch as Christian gets his cock stroked and see his cum load get blown all over the place, and watch closely as you can also get to see him getting his tight ass fingered by these studs today. have fun everyone!

Watch Christian forced to cum by our dominant trainers!

CMNM – Butt abuse in the office

DON is an muscular boy who has a by nature trim and toned body from playing soccer frequently with his good close friends. His balls are a bit loose from sprinting around the court all day long while they jangle freely in his shorts. Very quickly we’ve got him spreading his arse in this cmnm video just like a bitch, feeling the unpleasant shock of rough penetration the very first time and milk him dry. Watch him fingered by these three office dudes. Well as Don is the new green recruit, these other guys need to teach him the ropes today. Sit back and watch as he gets his body toyed with this afternoon.


His colleagues planned the whole afternoon for him as they’d have their fun with his tight and horny ass, and as you can see they sure took their time. They always do this to their new  employees and rest assured it’s quite a nice experience to go through. Watch as Don gets to experience some expert hands as they play with his cock and balls, and watch as he moans in pleasure while these other guys get around to give him a hand job, and finger his tight ass fast and hard for the whole afternoon. So just sit back and watch the whole scene today everyone. We’re sure that you’ll love it and we’ll be back next time with more!

Check out this naked boy fingered at the office!

Darren and three clothed businessmen

In daily life, macho straight men such as Darren does not accept sexual remarks from other guys without some violence taking place. However in our office he has to endure there answering our unpleasant questions while we prod his manly sexy naked body and remove his clothes in this special added video. It is a bit of paradise burying our nasty noses between Darren’s warm ass cheeks and there is an incredibly hot macho aroma. He learns a crucial lesson in this free gallery in how to be totally submissive with three suited businessmen circling him, switching him into a sexual item who’s only there to fulfill our raging desires.

Well this nice and hot gallery is sure to make you want to see more. And if you do, you just need to head on over to the main site to see all of our superb and sexy scenes everyone. But for now just kick back and enjoy watching this nice gallery of images with this stud getting his body played with by these business men. They took great care of him and as you can see, they made sure to not miss a single inch on his sexy body as they played with him. See as he gets his cock stroked by their masterful hands, and watch as the studs also take good care of his ass as well for this amazing collection of pictures. We will be back next week as always with more!


Watch this straight dude changing into a sexual slave!

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