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CMNM Matthew

In our CMNM videos office we usually combine business with enjoyment. We love wearing our nice suits and working very hard, however, if we want to chill we get a willing young businessman to strip. The hot macho scent that hails from his tight butthole drive us into a madness. CMNM Matthew is overcome as the three of us required his consideration, groping his bare body all over making him display his sexy body. He get his asshole fingered and hid dick milked. This sure is a crash course to this athletic straight guy in being entirely subservient to the needs of three clothed men. He secretly he likes getting his private zones inspected by all these guys and he lets out moans when he feels their fingers up in his ass. After a good inspection his cock is roach hard and ready to explode! Enjoy.

So as usual, another amazing and sexy video for you to see, and we bet that you will love it. See this hot stud getting his ass finger fucked, and then you can watch his cock getting jerked off too until his blows a nice and big load as well. Enjoy it everyone and see you guys soon with some more fresh and hot scenes!


See this straight guy fingered by a group of businessmen!

In class training

In this update the cmnm training of college studs for their future positions in a firm has begun. They are taught how to be submissive little puppies to their bosses and not to talk back. So in short jut treat yourself to this crash course where studs are trained obedience and see how well they do. This guy for example, is asked to take off  all his clothes and bend over the desk. The his sexy ass is closely inspected, and of course that he won;t get away that easy. The other guys are watching to see what is going to happen to them soon. This goy here gets his asshole fingered and his cock milked. Until next time we’ll just leave this with you.

college dude forced to get naked

Well, it seems that the college studs were naughty once more. So the teach came back this afternoon with another update and his naughty students. This afternoon they get to undress again, and they get to be taught some more anatomy sort of speak, as the older man takes the time to jerk them off each and insert his expert fingers in their nice and tight asses. We hope you’ll like it!

Watch as this college guy gets forced to get totally nude!

Recommend full cavity search

This time the cmnm crew got to see how the officers of the law apprehended a criminal. And how they performed their search for hidden weapons. The officers strapped on their gloves and proceeded to probe his ass with tier fingers to check for any concealed armaments. Not that’s the guy could conceal much , but they seem to have enjoyed every minute of the cavity search. They took his shirt and pants off fast, and bent him over to get a close look of his ass. The officer had lots of fun sliding his fingers in the guy’s ass, and he even stroked his cock making the guy blow his load! Enjoy and let’s get stared.

As you can see, the officers had everything under control, and they were eager to get to have fun with their little captive for the afternoon. Sit back and watch closely as the guy gets his clothes taken off, and then see our officers taking turns to perform cavity searches in his ass as they finger fuck his nice and tight butt for the afternoon today. Have fun with it and see you soon!

 teen_guy_gets_a_full_cavity_search_from_perverted_officers teen_guy_gets_a_full_cavity_searchteen_guy_gets_a_full_cavity_search_on_video

See this arrogant British lad receiving a full cavity search!

CMNM – virility test

This week cmnm presents to you how the guys at the firm are tested for their virility. And that means getting naked in front of the CEO’s and letting them play around with your tool. This poor guy gets surrounded by the boss and his assistants and gets a close inspection. Each of the strokes his cock until it gets fully erect. And they’ll test everything, even his tight asshole which gets to be fingered. And be sure they even drained the guy of semen in the test to see how big his load is. Every detail is important for our examiners here! Make sure to come back soon and watch other guys going through the same inspection.

sexy footballer parading his sexy body

Well you got to see this kind of thing go down here before so you know exactly what’s going to happen. But this is still a nice video, so watch it all as the three guys take their time to play with this dude’s sexy body and his eager cock and balls. As most of the guys here, you get to see him getting a nice and hot jerk off session and then he blows his load at the end too!

Enjoy as this footballer gets completely drained of semen!

Rugby players engaged in a CMNM Orgy

For this free cmnm gallery we caught up with some rugby players and got to see just why they are such a well balanced team in all their games. Turns out they have a special training regiment, that not only makes the guys play better as a team but also lets them blow off steam and jizz when in the locker-room. We caught them in action in the locker room, an one of them was already completely naked and one of his team mates was playing with his cock. Then he got his asshole inspected as well. He got his tight ass fingered and his cock stroked until he blew a massive load of cum.   Enjoy this update everyone!

So as one more week swung by, there was no way that we would be passing up the chance to bring you this nice and hot update with this hot and horny group of studs. Take your time and see them in action as they get to play with each other’s nice and hot bodies, and then see them jerking each other off nice and hard until they make each other blow their loads all over the place!


Enjoy as these rugby players have fun in the locker room!

Arsehole inspection in class

For this update we have brought you some very nice cmnm videos of obedience training that the college grads must take before joining a business.Here you can see the headmaster preparing the studs to fuck each other in the ass, and as they have proven before that leads to better team integrity. Just watch for yourself and see the results. As one of the guys is asked to undress and bend over the desk, the other must get behind him and inspect his ass before shoving his dick all the way up that asshole. Oh but wait, there is one more, I wonder what the headmaster is planning for the third guy, who seems to enjoy watching his mates fucking. Have fun watching this scene.

teen lard gets humiliated by the mean headmaster

It seems that the principal and the teacher had the right idea to play with the two as much as they could as punishment for them being naughty and unruly, and you get to see it all in this nice afternoon. Take the time to sit back and see them making the studs undress, and then see them as they play with their cocks and balls for the afternoon as well. We know that you will enjoy it!

 See these submissive lads humiliated by their teacher!

Confident clothed men inspect a vulnerable teen lad

Man this week the cmnm crew, caught a guy misbehaving. And you know what that means. It’s time for a cavity inspection and some testing to see if he’s still got what it takes to be part of the team. Martin- the lad in question- was caught misbehaving, and the inspectors have to check his body to see if he’s still fit to work with them. They start undressing him and when he is completely naked he is asked to keep his hands held up for the inspection. Then they proceed to check out his cock, making him grow hard in their hands, so everything is ok here. But he must pass the anal inspection too, so he’s bent over to the wall and the guys start fingering his ass, until he blows his big load.

Anyway, take your time with this fresh video and see the amazing studs in action for the afternoon as they have their fun with the hunk. And like we said, today the group gets to stroke and jerk off this dude until they manage to make him blow his load all over their eager faces too. So don’t delay and watch them in action!

straight coworkers have naked fun in office

 Enjoy as this skinny guy get inspected by his coworkers!

CMNM – Fred gets aggressively tugged

Cmnm was fortunate to get a glimpse as our inspectors take a look at another firm that has problems. Just like always the owner is desperate and is willing to do anything to save his business. And that’s just music to our guy’s ears. Watch them tug and jerk off this guy’s cock in this very awesome update. Poor guy stands no chance against them. He keeps telling them that everything works perfectly fine down there, he has to prove it also. The take turns on jerking his cock until he shoots his man juice all over their shirts. Now he is good to go and the boss is happy too. Enjoy this free video and expect more updates soon!

submissive guy gets milked dry

Well this fresh and hot video is sure to be to your liking today and rest assured that you can see some pretty amazing and hot things here today as well. So just sit back, relax and watch as the suited men start off by taking off the dude’s clothes, and then watch them taking turns to stroke and jerk off the dude nice and hard for this scene. You can see him moaning in pleasure at the special treatment as well today.

Enjoy as this hairy dude gets milked dry!

Straight business man gets his virgin arseholes searched

This week’s cmnm galleries has an aspiring business man get caught by some inspectors when they come around and see that his business isn’t going as well as it should. So under threat that they will close him down, he subjects himself to their manhandling, and utterly becomes their man whore for the afternoon, rather than lose his well paid job. The inspectors take off his clothes and sit him up on the desk on his all fours. While one of them slides his finger in the guy’s ass, the other inspector is milking his cock and plays with his balls. He starts moaning loud and the inspectors like what they hear. At the end they squeeze every drop of cum out of his balls.

Well if you were here last week then you know exactly what’s going to go down in this superb little scene today. This fresh stud is going to have his body touched and his ass and cock taken care of by the group of suited men for the afternoon. So sit back and watch him bending over as he takes a nice and hard anal fingering session while another dude jerks him off too. Enjoy!

straight guy gets his asshole fingered

Watch as this straight guy gets finger-fucked at work!

New guy gets manhandled

Continuing from cmnm ‘s last update, the bosses at the firm continue to test out the new green horn that came aboard their team. And it continues with even more man handling as the groups of business men give him repeated hand jobs to test his stamina. This is the 7th row today already, his cock is swollen and sensitive after it has been jerked and rubbed so many times, but they won’t stop. In fast now he is going to get some fingers up his ass too, but he takes it like a pro.  Suffice to say thus far, they’re pretty satisfied with the fresh meat they got and the new guy has a guaranteed spot on the team.


Anyway, we guess that you will like what you see here today and rest assured that more will follow in the future as well. So just take your time to see as this guy gets his body taken advantage by the other older studs today. You could say that this meeting had it’s share of business talk too as they were treating with the guy on what body parts to touch. So just sit back and enjoy the show everyone!

Watch these suited men milking the new guy!

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