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CMNM – Noah In Detention

Hello and welcome back to cmnm. You are about to watch the best video ever so sit tight and get ready, this one is going to be quite exciting. You are about to meet Noah who is in a big trouble today. Noah is he best student at the university but he did the mistake to write assignment for his mates at he uni and now one of the professors found out and he decided to organize a board meeting to discuss Noah’s situation. The professors invited Noah to join them and give them explanation. Finally he confessed that he needed the money to pay for his tuition and the professors were not happy bout hearing this.

Luckily they decided not to kick him out of the uni, with he condition that he has to join heir small perverted circle because these guys are all gay and they are yarning for a nice fresh cock. Well Noah must accept the offer no matter what and so they start initiating him. The clothed men start undressing him but they keep their clothes on. While inspecting his body, one of the guy starts jerking Noah’s cock and then he gets told to turn around and expose his round naughty ass. When the other guy spreads Noah’s butt cheeks and starts licking his ass, Noah’s cock gets rock hard. After he gets his ass fingered the guys start fucking his tight butthole with a glass dildo which drives Noah over the edge but he is not allowed to cum yet. He also receives an amazing blowjob and he can’t resist anymore so he shoots a big load of cum. It turns out it wasn’t so bad after all, actually Noah loved getting his ass fucked and cock sucked. Well that’s all for our cmnm episode but make sure to come back soon because we might have new exciting videos for you guys. Have fun and see you soon!

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CMNM – Darren Wanked Off

Hello guys! Are you ready for a new exciting cmnm video featuring three horny men and  naughty hot guy who is going to get his body inspected by these three guys? Then better sit back and relax while you watch this hot scene! If you like clothed male versus naked guys then you have come to he right place because in this video scene this cute guy is going to get naked and fucked hard by these clothed guys. This cute guy’s name is Darren and he just graduated the university and been looking to find a good job. His uncle is an important person so he managed to pull some strings for Darren and arranged him an interview for a really good job. Darren was super excited but he will soon to be find out that in order to get a job he has to be someone’s bitch.

Finally the day has come and he went to the office for he interview. The three members of the boar seemed to be cool guys who were happy to welcome Darren and sit down for a chat. However hey haven’t been interested in his work experience or his studies. They were more interested in his sex body and Darren got the hint pretty fast and realized that if he wants this job, he has to do whatever these guys want. As these guys in suits started undressing Darren, he started to have a hard on a and he actually liked getting his body and his cock inspected. Soon the guys started to lick and finger his ass, and then they started fucking his butthole nice and hard with a toy, just like the frat gays from www.fraternityx.orgDarren was close to cum and after he got his cock jerked he shoot a big load of cum. Well we hope you enjoyed this brand new cmnm episode, and see you soon!

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Muscled Guy Naked

Welcome back to watch a new exciting cmnm update featuring a hot muscled guy who misbehaved at work and now he is going to get in trouble. If you watched our previous updates then you must know hat there’s nothing more exciting then watching a clothed male taking control over a hot naked guy, and this is exactly what you are going to see in this scene. These guys are working in the same office and they get along pretty well, but when one of them made a prank and to his buddy  and the boss almost fired them both, the pranked guy decided to teach his bud a lesson.

It all started when this hot muscled guy started working lots of gay porn on his friend’s computer after the working hours and the boss check up the browsing history and as you can assume, he was not happy about what he seen. So after this incident, the guy decided that it’s pay back time and  after everyone went home, he left but came back after a few minutes and caught his buddy wanking off on gay porn at his desk. He then dragged his friend to the bathroom and tied his hands up, then started undressing him. After exposing and inspecting he guy’s cock, he started teasing his bud and played with his nipples, pinching and squeezing them hard. The muscular guy started to get hard and he got is ass spanked for being such a naughty guy. When he felt a finger up his ass he begged him buddy to let him cum, and he got his cock jerked off until he came. Have fun watching this scene and see you soon! Also you can watch sexy Corey if you wanna see another gorgeous guy getting undressed and wanked off!


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CMNM – Naked Steve

Are you ready to see a bunch of clothed guys undressing and teasing a horny naked stud? Well better check out this cmnm scene because you are going to have lots of fun. The naked guy there is Steve, who is the football team’s captain  and his is the best player. But in this season he performed really bad and because of him the team lost the game today. After the game, the couch and some members of the board decided to have a talk with him while Steve was in the locker room. They been trying to find out what’s been going on with him lately, and they told him that he might lose his place in the team if he keeps performing this badly. Steve had no other option then telling them the truth.


Turned out, that he is gay and his partner broke up with him. Ever since he can’t concentrate anymore. Hearing this, the guys decide to take Steve’s problem in their own hands and hear him up a bit because he next day they are going to have an important game. They start teasing Steve and undressing him slowly, exposing his well build body. Steve loves the attention he is getting and when he feels the guy’ hands on his cock he gets hard instantly. While he others are exploring his body, Steve is having a great time getting his cock wanked and they tell him to turn around so they can play with his ass. The guys start fingering Steve’s asshole while milking his cock and soon Steve explodes and hoots a huge load of cum. Have fun watching this kinky cmnm scene and make sure to visit us again!

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CMNM – Steve Jerking Off

Well hello and welcome back to cmnm to watch Steve jerking off his cock in the locker room. Why are those other guys standing beside him all clothed wearing suits you may wonder? Well you should know that Steve is a professional football player and the captain of the team. Recently he’s been having some personal issues and this was affecting his career. Those guys together with Steve’s coach found out about his sentimental problems and they all agreed that Steve should bust a nutt before the game because this helps him concentrate afterwards. Before the last game these guys approached him in the locker room and after undressing him, they started exploring his muscular body and jerked off his cock.

Now they are back to make sure that Steve makes time to play with himself and when they enter in the locker room, Steve is already naked and jerking off his big hard cock. The guys love watching him playing with himself, and they are even helping him to blow his load by touching his hot ass and playing with his hard balls. Steve is gay and loves all the attention he gets from all these guys, seeing them standing there in their suits turns him on really badly. On the other hand, these guys started to like playing with Steve, they even suck his cock and finger his ass.  After being teased Steve starts jerking off faster and harder and he shoots a huge load of cum. By the way, if you like clothed male and naked males getting together and doing all sort of kinky hot things, you should definitely check out the other updates because here we have exactly what you like to watch. Have fun watching this scene and see you soon!


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Naked Guy At Work

Hello and welcome back to cmnm to watch his hot and horny guy getting teased and jerked off by his coworkers. How this all started you may wonder? This guy is gay but he decided not to tell his coworkers about his sexual orientations because he’s been afraid that the other might not understand him or worse, they wouldn’t want to work with him anymore. Even though, he couldn’t stop checking out his coworkers bodies at the working place, specially in the showers. He started taking pcs of the guys in the shower and jerking off on the pics after wok when no one could see him. It turned out he used to spend extra hours at work spending all the time jerking off. When one of the guys caught him masturbating and found his photo stash he informed his buddies about this and they decided to teach this guy a lesson.


They approached him together and they made him strip off naked, because they wanted to see his naked body jut as he seen theirs in the showers.  He was afraid not to get fired so he did all these guys told him to do, and started taking off his clothes exposing his hot body and a huge erect cock. The guys then started spanking his ass and playing with his nipples making him horny as hell. One of the cmnm guys took his cock n his hands and started to stroke it slow and gently while the other was playing with the guy’s balls. He wanted to cum so badly but the guys wouldn’t let him, every time he was being close, the others would stop and slap his cock and his balls. They kept doing this on and o driving this guy crazy, but eventually he was allowed to cum and he shoot stream after stream of creamy hot cum all over the place.

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Nick Stripped Off

Hi there and welcome back to watch this exciting cmnm scene featuring Nick, a hot guy who just graduated from the university and after looking for a job for a long time he finally been called to an interview for the personal assistant position. The CEO of a big company needed a new assistant and Nick applied right away. The CEO was more interested in Nick’s picture and since he is cute and god looking, the guy invited him for an interview. Nick was so excited and he decided that he will do anything it takes to get his job. The boss however, decided to invite his most trusted people from the company so they can together evaluate Nick’s “skills”.

Nick put on his best suit and went to the meeting. When entering in the office they guys were already waiting for him and all of them been impressed by his looks and presence. They liked the fast that he is shy and bald in the same time, that he is willing to do whatever t takes to please his soon to be boss. But poor Nick had no idea that these guys are gay and they want a piece of his ass. When they started to undress him he was a bit shocked but as he felt the guys grabbing his cock he started to enjoy the feeling and he decided to the the guys to do whatever they want to him So they started touching and exploring hi body, and after jerking his cock they even gave him a blowjob making him shoot a nice big load of cum. Nick got the job and he know that from no on he is going to have lots of fun with these guys.

Nick stripped off

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CMNM – Mathew Gets Wanked Off

Welcome back to watch these cmnm guys having some fun with their horny naked coworker. He got promoted at work even though the others feel that he doesn’t deserves the promotion. They know however that the guy is gay and so is the boss, so they all greed that this might got something to do with it. The guys decided to teach this prick a lesson and after work they invited him to hand out with them and have beers and watch football together. They all headed to one of the guy’s apartment which was not far away. They were all wearing suits and they actually look quite hot don’t you agree? All these guys were wondering if their gay coworker ever had sexual fantasies with them. After few beers on board hey started to ask him all kind of question and since he had a big mouth he admitted that he’s been screwing their boss.

Hearing this, the guy told him that he shouldn’t have had to accept the promotion as it’s not fair towards the other employees but t he gay guy was convinced that he deserves it. They all started to massing with him and teasing him and the things got a bit too far, because they started undressing him and checking out his naked body. One of the guys then started to wank his cock as the other was slapping his ass and squeezing his balls. Have fun watching this cmnm scene and don’t forget to come back and check out new scenes! Also you can click here and see another hot guy getting stripped off!

cmnm-Matthew gets wanked off

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Let’s Get Kinky

Welcome back to cmnm, where hot clothed guys are taking advantage of horny and cute naked guys. If you seen our previous scenes that you know that there’s nothing more exciting then watching a guy getting teased and drove over the edge by a guy fully dressed. If they happen to be in an office or at the work place where they can be caught it makes it even more exciting. And this clothed guy really knows how to have fun at work. He owns a small business and he just hired his cute guy as his assistant. H knew the the guy was gay and probably that’s why he hired him in the first place. This boss likes to have fun with his employees and this newly hired guy just wanted to be nice to his boss  and please him whatever it takes.

The assistant had no idea that things are going to get this far but he actually enjoyed having these “private meetings” with his boss. Today they are having of of the regular meeting and as the guy gets in the boss’s office he is ordered to strip out of his clothes and sit in his lap. The guy is doing what the boss told him and as the boss starts wanking he guy’s cock, he also slides his fingers in the guy’s ass. The guy loves having his ass finger fucked and he soon blows his load all over his boss’s shirt and pant. Have fun watching the scene guys and make sure to check out the other picture galleries and videos from cmnm, you are not going to regret it. Also make sure to visit us again if you want to watch new exciting scenes!

cmnm-Let's Get Kinky

Watch here this guy getting fingered by his master!

CMNM – In Border Squad

Hello and welcome back to cmnm. If you have been here before then you must know that these videos are really exciting to watch. If you are now here you might wonders what’s going on in these scenes right? Well as you can see, there is a naked guy getting his body checked up by a clothed male and as you are going to see this is not the only thing these guys are doing here. So better sit back and have fun watching this video scene. This guy is in a lot of trouble after he’s been caught on the surveillance cameras jerking off his cock while watching porn. His coworkers seen the video and they started blackmailing the guy with it. He promised to do anything they want because he’s been afraid that their coworkers ill show it to their boss and he will get fired.

For start the guy wanted to make some fun of him and they ordered the guy to completely take off his clothes. He did as he was told and started to take off his work clothes exposing his big cock. The guys were really impressed by his size and they have been curious to see how big his cock can grow once he gets a hard on. So they started to slowly stroke the guy’s cock which started to grow rock hard. He surely loved getting his cock jerked off and started moaning out loud asking the guy to make him cum. They asked him to bend over a table and started slapping his ass and squeezing his hard balls, hen they started fingering his butt hole. The guy was ready to explode and he started shooting stream after steam of man juice all over the place. Have fun watching this hot scene and see you again soon for more cmnm updates!


See this worker getting stripped by his co workers!

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